Are you ready to fly?   Need some help to get off the ground?

Freedom to Fly is an experiential weekend workshop for women who are dealing with the aftereffects of sexual abuse. In these workshops you can make progress towards your goals with trained and experienced leaders, and in the company of women who know what you are facing, because they have been there.

In this group you can make progress towards:

  • Building your strengths and restoring hope
  • Developing a healthy self-concept
  • Increasing your ability to experience a range of emotions
  • Decreasing dissociation
  • Reducing your sense of isolation, and breaking down secrecy
  • Alleviating shame and guilt
  • Developing trusting relationships
  • Becoming a potent creator of your own life

Sound good?

We approach these goals by creating a safe and respectful group environment, and using psychodrama and creative therapies to facilitate healing and self-development.

Covid-19 update

We look forward to holding these workshops again once we are in the Green Traffic Light setting.

Unfortunately under Red and Orange settings, requirements to wear masks at indoor events mean that the workshops cannot run effectively. We don’t believe that participants will have a satisfying experience under these conditions. We are disappointed about this, and we know many of you are too, but we are also committed to keeping participants safe.

The requirement for masks arises because our workshops need to abide by regulations for health care workers.

Dates for our 2022 workshops are now available, you can find them on the Dates, Times and Cost page.

Everyone has the potential to grow, and to heal. If you are alive, you can grow. You have already survived.

Are you ready to fly?