The Team

The groups is led by a leadership team, assisted by one or two auxiliaries. The members of the team each bring their own unique experience to the group. All of us share a common passion for assisting others to live fully.

The Leadership team:


Marian Hammond is a registered psychotherapist in private practice in Ponsonby and a teacher of students in a counsellor training programme. She has a particular interest in working with the painful experience of shame and has written and taught on this subject. She is passionate about helping people create the lives they want.


Judy Sutherland is a qualified psychodramatist and a scientist who lives in Wellington. She has previously  worked as a psychotherapist, and loves being part of the Freedom to Fly team.






Emmy Spijker is an experienced mental health support worker from Auckland. She is passionate about Women’s work and has worked in support teams on many personal growth workshops for Women.



From time to time other people may join the team for specific workshops, as the need arises.