Who should come

This group is for any woman who has experienced difficulty in her life as a result of sexual abuse.

We have found that people do best in these workshops when they have strong supports available to help them work through material that may arise in the course of the group. Nobody does this work well on their own. To attend a group, we require that you are having ongoing personal therapy or counselling.

It’s very helpful for us to have a brief conversation with your therapist before the group, and for us to be able to feed back information to that person afterwards. If you see a specialist, you expect your GP to be kept informed of what is happening – this is a bit similar.

We encourage you to prepare for this workshop, as you would for any other intensive personal work. It’s important that you have a trusted member of your support network available to you over the weekend, particularly on Saturday night. This might be a friend, family member or partner, who can be with you if you are feeling disturbed or worried.

You may like to bring symbols, writing, artwork or anything that has special meaning to you, that could be a resource for you over the weekend. Some people find this useful, others don’t find that helpful. It’s completely up to you.

If you are not sure how this would work out for you, contact us and talk it over.